Pelourinho, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil


Walking down the cobbled streets of Pelourinho…


…we started chatting to the man by the church who told us that his mother used to live in the house across the square…


… until the government listed the houses under heritage¬†and gutted some and promised to restore and renovate.


That was in 1997. His mother is 87 now.


blue vs grey

One of the highlights during our recent long weekend trip to Hobart was the moment I opened the curtains in our hotel room each morning. Two mornings I was greeted by blue sky and early morning sunshine dabbling the boats in the marina.

Sunny morning in Hobart

Sunny morning in Hobart

The third morning the sky was grey and overcast. I loved the contrast of the blue and red and yellow cars and boats on grey.

colourful dots on grey

Overcast morning in Hobart