Girraween and Bald Rock National Park near Stanthorpe, Queensland

Bold Rock NP 2

The fast moving clouds cast a ever changing dye of light and shade on the colourful granite.


Gum trees

Giant pebble

Giant pebble

Bold Rock NP

The view was worth the hike up the steep bare rock surface.

Wave Rock

Wave Rock, Girraween NP

red gum

The red gum stood out and caught my eye amongst the geenery.


Shutter priority assignment

So far I mainly changed from Auto to Aperture priority whenever I felt adventurous.

P, S and M settings have been still widely unexplored. Nothing better than a hot Sunday afternoon to spend with my feet in the creek and my camera on a tripod… and a shutter priority assignment to explore some new features of my camera. Loved seeing what difference shutter speed made to the result.

shutter priority assignment 3

ISO 100, 105mm, f/20, 1/15 sec

shutter priority assignment 4

ISO 100, 105mm, f/10, 1/60 sec

blue vs grey

One of the highlights during our recent long weekend trip to Hobart was the moment I opened the curtains in our hotel room each morning. Two mornings I was greeted by blue sky and early morning sunshine dabbling the boats in the marina.

Sunny morning in Hobart

Sunny morning in Hobart

The third morning the sky was grey and overcast. I loved the contrast of the blue and red and yellow cars and boats on grey.

colourful dots on grey

Overcast morning in Hobart